Happy cover reveal day to Debra Holt! Enjoy the cover of TROUBLE RIDES A HORSE!

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Cover Reveal || Debra Holt – Trouble Rides a HorseTrouble Rides a Horse by Debra Holt
Published by Burnett Young Books on To Be Determined
Genres: Romance
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Erin McKenzie knew what she wanted. To write and publish her novel. First, she had to take an assignment from her editor…write an expose’ of an online dating service and its clients…RopeARancher.com. How hard could it be to find a lonely rancher tired of just talking to his cows all day? That changes when she finds herself rescued by a tall, sexy, cowboy…a true man of few words.

The rancher has no time for city females, much less those who end up on his doorstep claiming she had met him online and was there to see if they were ‘compatible.’ It wasn’t too hard to figure out his matchmaking sister had been the one to go online and find him a candidate for a wife. He should send the redhead spitfire packing but something made him come up with another plan. He would teach her a lesson first. He would show her how hard it would be to be a real rancher’s wife and send her running away on the first day.

Erin didn’t run. Travis didn’t back down. They faced off in their own showdown of wills and undeniable attraction. But what would happen if Travis found out the truth of why she was really on his doorstep? What happens when Erin realizes that she doesn’t yearn for the big city lights any longer but unending vistas beside a cowboy who can’t abide liars? The story she was sent to write might not have a happy ending after all.

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