Using the Vellum Press software, we are able to create your ebook (Kindle/mobi, iBooks, Nook, Kobo, generic ePub) and print formats at the same time. This saves you time and money as we do not have to format separately! Custom print formatting and ARC files available upon request.

We save all formatting files until you tell us otherwise. Up to 5 typo/change requests are included in the initial formatting fee. If you are requesting multiple typos or grammatical errors to be fixed or major changes applied, we will bill at our hourly rate of $45 and may suggest a copyedit on your manuscript. Yearly updates to front and back matter are also included.

The Details

Basic formatting starts at $.003/word
Turnaround time: 1-2 weeks

Upgrades are available at and additional cost for paperback/ARC options, including custom title pages, chapter headers, and section breaks. Retailers may charge an additional ebook delivery fee with upgrades. 

To reserve your spot, a non-refundable fee will be required.

Under 25,000 words — $25
25,000–50,000 words — $50
Over 50,000 words — $75

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